Can you feel it?

    Something deep down inside tells you that what is happening is not just a coincidence, there is more to it.

    We are being called into the future, into the new world.

    For years, truth seekers like Dolores Canon and Barbara Hand Clow have been receiving and sharing information attained from other dimensions, from beyond the veil.

    These discoveries have revealed a great cosmic plan, humanity’s awakening and ascension into the great cosmic family.

    For years, astrologers, historians, researchers, and spiritual leaders have been studying the prophesies of the ancient world, including those from the Mayan Calendar.

    These prophesies tell us of the coming of a great age, where the old world will end and a new one will rise.

    Those times are now, and we are the ones receiving the Truth from the universe. The veil is thin, we can feel it, and we are listening deeply.

    The events that have begun our collective dark night of the soul have clearly been defined in astrology.

    When the Mayan calendar ended in 2012, we began a shift that the Mayans referred to as outside of time, or undefined. In 2020, Saturn and Pluto had their great conjunction, and Mars will make its strong squares to Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter creating more tension, more conflict, continuing to tear down the old world.

    These are the kind of times that either make us or break us. Times that will definitely transform us. We don’t know what lies ahead but we are ready for it. We were born for this.

    Do you feel called?

    To rise above the shift? To make it to the other side, strong and renewed?

    Do you have a deep inner knowing that everything is going to be ok, but that there is a lot of work ahead?

    What would it feel like to be the caterpillar that becomes the butterfly?

    It would mean that we fully surrender to the symbolic death that is required for the butterfly to be born.

    We are like these caterpillars, and the reason you feel like you are dying is because you are, we all are.

    This is a time to let go and let God. A time to give in and watch your wings rise.

    To go through the fire of transformation and rise from the ashes like the Phoenix.

    If you feel like you just woke up from a weird dream, if you feel like you woke up in someone else’s life, if you desire more from life than what is in front of you, if you are ready for the journey, if you feel called to heal, if you know that there is more than what meets the eye, welcome to the new world.

    I am here to be the lighthouse, a shining light to all those who are walking through the dark. I am here to guide you to the other side.

    Whether it is through astrology, spirituality, music, astral travel journeys, moon ceremonies, readings or simply holding space,

    I am here.

    Will you stay present too?


    Jai Gobind is an astrologer, intuitive, singer, songwriter, jewelry designer and the creator of Eagle Star Yoga LLC, Eagle Star Jewels and Channel for Grace.

    Through her work, Jai Gobind guides us to connect deeply with our heart space, find the courage to trust our intuition and align with the healing and sustaining life force of the universe.

    On her YouTube channel, you will find monthly moon, zodiac and collective ascension astrology, as well as new and full moon ceremonies.

    If you want to work personally with Jai, she offers a Level I astrology course, astrology and tarot readings and special trainings and webinars.