Are you ready for your Spiritual Name?

What is a spiritual name?

“Your spiritual name is your designated destiny, your heavenly identity.  That’s all it is.  You may or may not live to it, but it is your guiding force.  And it’s a prayer.  When somebody calls me ‘Yogiji,’ it means ‘one who is united with the greater soul.’  When somebody calls me ‘Bhajan,’ it means a ‘divine song.’  And if somebody calls me ‘Harbhajan Singh,’ it means ‘the lion who sings the divine song.’  It’s a prayer in the other man’s word.  What is prayer?  It is a calling.  And you answer the calling.  You get uplifted.  It’s a plus.  It’s a way of receiving people’s blessings.” — Yogi Bhajan

I remember getting to a point in my Kundalini practice where I said; Ok, Im ready! I was ready to take my practice to the next level, and deepen my commitment. Getting my spiritual name changed everything. I had a new and powerful energy and destiny to fulfill. My practice suddenly had new meaning. At first it was weird to introduce myself as Jai Gobind but the more I used the name, the more I connected to my purpose, the more uplifted I felt. It was as if I had stepped into the shoes of getting serious about the practice which no longer game me a way out. There were no more excuses. Jai means Victory and Gobind means the Sustaining life force in the Universe. Victory to the sustaining life force! What a seat to fill! Today, I cannot imagine my life without my spiritual name. And you will probably fall inlove with yours too.

Just click on the link above, fill out the form and submit it. It is not randomly generated. Nirinjan Kaur, Yogi Bhajan’s Chief of Staff, was trained personally by him for over thirty years, in his method of determining names. It is based on your birth date and involves the use of his particular type of numerology. Sometimes the Siri Guru Granth Sahib (sacred Sikh scriptures) is used as a resource. Before his death in 2004, Yogi Bhajan gave his blessings to Nirinjan to continue his work of giving names to those who request them.

So what are you waiting for? Every One deserves a chance to change!-Yogi Bhajan.

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