The Power of Mantra

When I took my first Kundalini Yoga class I was hooked! The physical movements and breath work showed me how powerful the practice could be. But what truly got my attention was the chanting, I absolutely loved the music! I couldn’t get enough. The more I chanted, the more I began to realize the positive effect they had on my psyche and my whole being. I felt brighter at times, more connected at others, and when I coupled the mantras with meditation I felt truly in sink with the Universe. What was it about these mantras that created such a shift?

It wasn’t until I did Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training that I got to dive deep into their meaning and effects. I want to share that with you because the moment you connect with mantra and chanting your life WILL shift, and you better be ready!

Mantra is the creative projection of the mind through sound. –Man- means mind and –Trang- means wave or projection. Sound is energy, it is vibration, it actually has a structure and can affect us in a very physical way. Mantras are sets of sounds put together that change the usual patterns of the brain and mind. Kundalini Yoga mantras are in a language called Gurumukhi. This language, like Sanskrit, is a vibrational language. So when you chant in Gurumukhi, you are actually making the vibrations with your voice that reflect the essence and meaning of the mantra. This is why they are so powerful.

When you are chanting mantras you are making a conscious effort to stop your thinking mind. Mantras take focus and this focus redirects your thoughts. Speaking in words is like creating our reality. When you speak or chant mantras you are actually creating a new way of thinking. A more positive vibration for your whole being.

Taking Kundalini yoga classes is an awesome way to learn about mantras, but you can chant mantras at home, in the car, ANYWHERE! I chant when I feel unbalanced, or emotional. I chant when I want to change the atmosphere of a certain space. You can play mantras on your stereo at home and in the car and literally change the vibration. You don’t have to know what the mantra means for it to affect you because of its vibrational power. Some mantras will really call your attention and there are so many different song versions of mantras that you have a huge array of artists to choose from. is the best resource for Kundalini yoga music and I recommend browsing through the music and choosing what feels right.

I love chanting so much that I share mantras with my yoga students when I teach. I also started the Jai Gobind Band, a band that plays Kundalini Yoga music for classes and Kirtans. I hope to be releasing an album in the future of my versions of the songs. But for the meantime, here are a few of my favorite artists:

Snatam Kaur

Nirinjan Kaur

GuruGanesha Band



Gurunam Singh

Simrit Kaur

And I cant leave you without sharing the meaning of a few of my favorite mantras. The following information is from the book , which you can also purchase at or when you take the teacher training!


Aadays tisai adays

Aad aneel anaad anaahat, jug jug ayko vays

I salute Thee, the Primal One, pure in the beginning, through all time, through all the ages-the One

***If you master this mantra, the entire knowledge of the universe and beyond will come to you without ever reading a book.***


Aad guray nameh, jugaad guray nameh,

Sat guray nameh, siree guroo dayv-ay nameh

I bow to the primal wisdom.

I bow to the wisdom tru through the ages.

I bow to the true wisdom.

I bow to the great unseen wisdom.

***This is your mantra to remind you that you are being guided by the universe and your higher self, it surrounds you with positive light***


Gobinday, mukanday, udaaray, apaaray

Hareeung, kareeung, nirnaamay, akaamay

Sustaining, Liberating, Enlightening, Infinite

Destroying, Creating, Nameless, Desireless

***This mantra eliminates karmic blocks, it is a protective mantra and balances the hemispheres of the brain***

I hope you enjoyed reading! Until next time…

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