Food is Medicine . . . The Recipe for Trinity Rice!

Food has healing capabilities. In times when Western Medicine was not yet available, people would heal themselves through food. In our fast paced world, we tend to resort to processed food and or eating out at restaurants and fast food places. But have you thought about how that is affecting your Body, Mind and Spirit? Food has nutrients and healing properties if it is organic, not genetically modified and grown without the use of harmful pesticides.

I cannot even begin to tell you how food in our modern world is toxic for us. We get sick more often today because our physical bodies are weak, full of toxins and our immune systems have not been built up to protect us. But there is still hope. All it takes is just making a shift in your awareness about food and what you put into your body. Begin by getting only the best produce you can find, organic or home grown and not genetically modified. Then feed yourself food that will nourish you, help your body detoxify, and strengthen your immune system. These are the first steps to better health. And for the cherry on top, prepare your food with Love and gratitude and you will feed your Soul too.

Trinity Rice is one recipe that I absolutely love because it is good for people who are sick or suffering from blood poisoning. Trinity refers to the three magic roots, Onions, Garlic and Ginger. Onions have been known to provide mental clarity, to help with earaches, colds, fevers, dizziness and insomnia. It stimulates the production of Blood in the body and acts as a blood purifier. It is cleansing for the Liver as well. Garlic is a natural antibiotic, it has been used for gastrointestinal disorders, septic poisoning, bacterial infections and even cancer. Ginger nourishes the Nervous System and helps alleviate pain, fatigue, flu, and fevers. It is also nourishing to the cerebrospinal fluid. Onion, Garlic and Ginger are the Trinity Roots. Prepared together, they help cleanse the body and give more energy. When cooked together their healing effects are amplified. Try it for yourself in this amazing yummy Trinity Rice Recipe.

For more information refer to Foods for Health & Healing: Remedies and Recipes Edited by Gurubanda Singh Khalsa & Parmatma Singh Khalsa

Trinity Rice

2 onions, chopped

2 cloves of garlic, peeled and sliced

1 inch ginger root, peeled and grated

1 cup basmati rice

½-3/4 cup butter (vegan butter will work great)

1 tomato, peeled

4-5 cups assorted chopped vegetables

Spices of your choice

Rinse basmati rice thoroughly. Sauté spices in butter until golden brown. Add onion, garlic and ginger (Trinity Roots) and stir slowly until onions begin falling apart. Then add tomato, assorted vegetables and rice, along with 4 cups of water. Cover and let simmer on a low heat, checking frequently. Add water as necessary. Cook until vegetables are soft and rice is done. Serves 4.

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