How to create a positive meditation space

For the longest time I wanted to start meditation but I was reluctant because I felt my house was not adequate enough. If you have a similar feeling, the truth is that you can turn any place into the perfect meditation space. My desire to connect to my higher self grew stronger and so I began meditating anywhere that felt comfortable, on the bed, on the floor, outside, or in the living room. Little by little, as my meditation practice grew, I realized that meditating in the same spot and at the same time everyday, not only helped me form a good habit, but helped me appreciate the practice of designating a special place just for me. If you are toying with the idea of starting a home meditation practice or if you want to help make yourself a special meditation space, these few tips will help you achieve just that.

Look around your house and find a spot that you know you feel good at. A spot you can designate as your meditation space that no one else needs to use. Once you find your spot you can make an altar. I made my altar out of wood, but you can use a box, or tray, or something that works to set stuff on. You can choose what size of altar will work for you and then cover it with a cloth. An altar can contain pictures of your Spiritual teachers, Deities or Gurus, candles, sacred objects or elements. You can even find a picture of you when you were a baby and as you close your meditation send loving prayers to your baby self. Make sure to keep your space clean. This can be done by inviting fresh air into the area regularly and also clearing the space by burning sage, palo santo or cedar. Essential oils can also be used to create your meditative space either by using them on your skin or diffusing them into the air. Feel free to set up a mat, sheep skin or meditation cushion to help keep your posture aligned. And that’s it!

This is my current meditation space to give you an example. If you are ready to set yours up but would like some help let me know. I can also find the perfect meditation for you to start with. I offer private yoga/meditation sessions for exactly this purpose! So I hope to hear from you soon!

Have an awesome day! 

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