Kundalini Yoga for a Healthy Bowel System

I have heard so many doctors and health practitioners say that our elimination system is where many of our illnesses come from. More specifically, the bowel system needs to be clean in order for us to eliminate properly and efficiently from our body. If it is not, we will not absorb nutrients very well and will be more prone to disease and problems such as constipation. It is good to cleanse your system through food, diet and exercise. There is an amazing Kriya in Kundalini Yoga for a healthy bowel system. Below are the instructions. Try it everyday in the morning for a week straight and see what changes occur!

Windmill: Stand with feet slightly wider than shoulder’s width apart. Bring the arms straight out to the sides parallel to ground, palms down. Bend forward from the waist, twist toward the left, bringing the right hand to the left foot and the left arm straight up in back. Continue moving up and down for 1 minute in a rhythm of about 10 seconds per cycle. Then switch to the opposite hand and foot and repeat for 1 minute.

Continue the same motion but alternating sides and pausing for 5 seconds as the hand touches the foot. Do this for 3 minutes.

Continue the same alternating motion, but pause for 25 seconds as the hand touches each foot. Do for 2 minutes.

Hold the position touching the foot for 2 minutes on each side.

Relax: Lie down on your back for 2-3minutes.

Side Bends: Come standing up with legs wide apart, arms parallel to floor, palms down, Inhale and bend to the side from the waist, letting the left arm come down the left side as the right arm comes up and arcs over the head. Keep the spine vertical. Exhale and come back to the center, inhale and bend to the right side. Do for 6 seconds on each side for a total of 1 minute.

Standing Torso Twists: Start in the position of the previous exercise. Inhale as you twist the torso and arms all the way to the left, exhale back to original position, then inhale as you twist on around to the right and exhale back to the center. Keep the arms in a straight line with each other. 2-3 seconds per complete cycle. Continue for 1 minute.

Relax: Lie down on your back and deeply relax for 10 minutes.

Comments: These exercises work on the bowel system. Normally when one is becoming sick the bowel movements serve as an early indicator. Practice these exercises for 30 minutes a day for good health.


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