Meditation to Boost the Immune System

Are you getting sick a lot lately? Here is a meditation to Boost your Immune System. Just 3-5 minutes a day to better health

Aside from eating well and getting your vitamins, minerals, supplements and probiotics there is something else you can do. In the video below I will guide you through the Meditation to Boost the Immune System.

This meditation is deeply cleansing because it clears out viruses and bacteria, leaving your whole body rejuvenated. It clears blocks caused by emotions like anger, blame and guilt, from your central nervous and endocrine systems. It also stimulates and rebalances the right hemisphere of the brain which is the part of the brain that can hold onto these destructive emotions which can cause depressions and therefore a weakened immune system. You may feel emotions come up at first but keep up and trust in the process. You will feel positive, light and energized at the end. You may practice this meditation when you are feeling run down or overwhelmed and it will protect you and revitalize you.

Sit in Easy Pose

Bend your left arm and raise your hand to shoulder level with your palm facing forward. Join the tip of your (). Try to keep this mudra in your left hand at shoulder level throughout the meditation.

Create a to close off your right nostril. Close your eyes and focus on the third eye.

Begin a powerful and steady through your left nostril.

To finish Inhale and hold the breath. Interlace your fingers with your right thumb on top and bring your palms about 14in in front of you at the level of the thymus gland. (just below your throat)

Pull your fingers forcefully apart as you hold the breath for as long as you can.

Exhale when you need to and . Keep up the pressure as you pull your fingers apart – this stimulates the thymus gland, which is directly linked to your immune system.

On the last exhalation curl your tongue back in the roof of your mouth and blow the air out through your lips. Relax. 

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