So what’s the deal with coconut oil?

Here are some amazing and healing ways to use coconut oil in your daily schedule:

There are over 100 ways you can use coconut oil in your everyday routine to help heal and maintain your body healthy. I don’t want to overwhelm you so here are my top 5 uses.

1. I love using it for cooking because it has a higher smoking point. If you don’t like the coconut taste in your food buy the (refined) coconut oil that does not have that coconut taste. Otherwise unrefined coconut oil is amazing.

2. One of my favorite uses for coconut oil is on my skin. One of the ways I take care of myself is to take baths when I have the luxury of time and after the bath lather my whole body up with it. I use it instead of lotion often. It is hydrating for your skin and absorbs really well. I can tell my skin LOVES it!

3.Everymorning when I wake up I do oil pulling with coconut oil. Oil pulling is amazing for gum and general mouth health. It also pulls toxins right out. It can help whiten your teeth and get rid of migraines. Place a tablespoon of unrefined coconut oil in your mouth and swish it around for 20 minutes. After 20minutes, spit it out (not in the sink or down any drain). Brush your teeth as normal and youre set for your day! It is amazing how refreshing it makes you feel.

4. I have really long hair and the ends of my hair tend to get dry. After showering I put coconut oil on the ends of my hair as an oil treatment. It works great to protect and rehydrate my hair. It is especially good if you treat your hair often with products, hairdryers, etc.

5. And last but not least, in this dry weather my lips get chapped quite often. I use coconut oil to help alleviate chapped lips.

So there you have it! If you want to know more uses try out this link: You’ll be amazed. I love coconut oil and after you see this list, you will too!

Have an awesome week! And message me if you want to chat!

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