The Eagle Star Sisterhood is an exclusive community of empowered women dedicated to

healing the light, being the light, & sharing the light.

Each month we will meet to share spiritual tools, teachings, meditations, skills and rituals to connect to the intimate rhythm of the mother and step into our divine feminine potential.
Together we can use that divine force to create, inspire and uplift the feminine energy that moves within us all.
Let’s be the force of energy that we were made to be; TOGETHER.

It has been our dream to gather with the Divine Feminine and allow the Universe to heal our hearts, our bodies, our minds. It has been our desire to heal ourselves so that we can hold space for others to heal. It has been our heart that has led us down this path of healing and we are honored to be living one of our many dreams through this Sisterhood. There is so much more to come, for us to co-create and join in community both in person and on these online platforms. Remember there are no boundaries to who you can touch and transform with your open heart, your story, and your calling. We hope that you join us through this beautiful journey we have embarked on and always remember to trust your intuition.

— Yours truly, Eagle Star Sisterhood —

JAI GOBIND ~ Founder

Instagram: @channelforgrace

Sat Nam! I am Jai Gobind and I am your Channel for Grace! Life has been preparing me for this EPIC moment, the moment The Eagle Star Sisterhood is born! Life has taken me to so many light filled and dark filled places. I have journeyed into the darkest depths of my emotions, I have traveled to stars and beyond, I have been inspired by the Divine and have loved and lost. Beyond my background, study and experience with Sociology, Social Sciences, a Masters Thesis on yoga, Kundalini yoga, meditation, Native American ceremonies, chanting, music, and drumming, life has taught me that happiness is a state of being, a state of feeling and a state of mind that we can choose to step into every single day of our lives. As women we are already tapped into Mother Earth and the Divine Feminine, and it flows right through us. All we need to do is jump into that river and flow with it. We are always being guided. You have the power to elevate yourself, heal yourself, raise your vibration and shine your light brightly to the world. And I pledge to help you discover this within yourself.

Devi Kirin ~ Co-founder

Instagram: @HappyDevi_11

Sat Nam beautiful ones! What an honor it is to embark on this Light journey with you! This Sisterhood has been my vision and calling since I began to work on my Light. I open heartedly and Intuitively serve you as a teacher, sister, mother, friend and life coach. With a background in Psychology and years of training in Power/Vinyasa yoga, Kundalini yoga, kids yoga and Babaji’s Kriya Yoga I have learned that by making myself whole I am guided to serve others. It is within the depths of my heart and soul that I commit and devote to accompanying you, side by side, hand in hand, in full openness, so that together we can illuminate the light within us and consciously flow with this divine experience known as, the Age of Light.

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