May 18 – 21 2023

A 4-Day Women’s Retreat

Jai Gobind’s first ever Moon Goddess Retreat has arrived!

During this years powerful New Moon in Taurus, we will be gathering in sacred ceremonial space to celebrate, align with and activate the sacred divine feminine frequency. 

Taurus Season is a beautiful time to connect with mother Earth. This Season reminds us of how important it is to stay grounded, to know where we stand, to value and love ourselves. Taurus is the sign of the Great Mother and is also ruled by the planet Venus. 

In ancient Egyptian and Atlantean times , the Great Mother, Hathor, was worshiped as the sky cow goddess. She was known as a cow goddess because she gave us nourishment and brought us to life.

Hathor had a temple dedicated to her, it is called the Temple of Dendera, and it depicts all of the astrological constellations, planets and celestial bodies. It contains the oldest known astrological map of the sky. 

This is why Taurus season and especially the New Moon in Taurus is a powerful stargate to connect to Hathor and the Venusian starseeds. 

To top off this magical 4-Day journey, this New Moon is making a powerful conjunction to the star Algol and Alcyone, both activating the dark goddess with the light feminine frequency of the PleiadesWe will be working with all of these energies during this powerful portal. 

The magic of Sedona

Sedona is known as a natural spiritual center. Here is where many have experienced powerful activations, massive downloads and new inspired beginnings. 

What we love the most about Sedona is the bright stars at night. This magical vortex has cleansed us of the old and made space for the new in our lives and we want to share this magic with you on this 4 Day Women’s Retreat.  

We will spend these four days amongst gorgeous red rocks and experience the energy of Sedona. Together we will learn about the land of Sedona through exploration and fun. We will commune with her and connect to ethereal energies in resonance with Hathor and Venus.

This retreat facilitates connection to all things through self with the experience of breath work, shamanic drum journeying, sound bathing, and activations. We invite you to experience the magic of Sedona with us and embrace the sacred divine feminine.  


This 4 day Women’s Retreat includes all activities in the outdoors. It DOES NOT include lodging or transportation to and from all activities which will be held at the different vortexes around town. You are responsible for your lodging and transportation to all activities. *There is a house rented that has limited spots, if you are interested in booking one of these spots please contact (Cost is not included in the price of retreat). I recommend you guys roommate together, carpool to Sedona, etc to lower costs. All of this can be shared in our Feed or in the group chat.*

This retreat also includes hiking (sometimes difficult and physical strenuous terrain). Please make sure to bring the correct outdoor hiking gear, including hiking shoes, water, sunblock, hat, etc. A list of recommended items will be given as well. 

If you have any questions you can send them to

REFUND POLICY: Your ticket is non-refundable and cannot be transferred to another person. 

We can’t wait to see you there and are so excited for you to join us on this first EVER Moon Goddess women’s Sedona retreat!

Take a look at some of the amazing things we will do together!

Atlantis and Lemuria

Our retreat is weaved around powerful ancient Atlantean stories and alchemical practices, as well as ancient Lemurian wisdom teachings. 


Jai will share with you the power of these 4 days according to the sacred divine feminine astrology that will be guiding us. All activities will be designed to help us tap into these astrological energies.

Drum Journeys

We will embark on shamanic drum journeys to help us receive wisdom from our inner dreamer. These journeys will show us the power of dreaming while awake. 

Drum making workshop and guided drum circle

*This workshop is NOT included in the base price and is therefore optional (you can choose this option at checkout).*The cost of this workshop is $222. We will be making our own hand drum, all supplies included. You get to keep your drum. As a powerful activation we will hike into the Red Rocks to a special Vortex to activate the drums in a drum circle.


Breathwork is an ancient practice that was taught in the ancient mystery schools of Atlantis. We will discover the reason why breath work can be a powerful tool to connect to spirit by experiencing these practices ourselves. 

Kundalini Meditation

The practice of Kundalini yoga meditation is known to have been channeled from the Akashic Records. We will practice meditations that will help us balance our 7 energy centers as well as helps us clear our vessel to become a clearer channel for receiving messages from our star families. 

Sound Healing

We will experience the power of sound healing with mystical south baths! 

Vortex Hikes

We will hike to some of the most powerful vortexes found in Sedona and experience first hand the power of these sacred physical locations. 


Experience a beautiful ceremony of celebration where we will explore the practice of crystal seeding, energy clearing, dancing and integration.

Your Guides

Jai Gobind and Dr. Don Stout

Jai Gobind is an astrologer, intuitive, singer, songwriter, jewelry designer and the creator of Eagle Star Yoga LLC, Eagle Star Jewels and Channel for Grace. Through her work, Jai Gobind guides you to connect deeply with you heart space, find the courage to trust your intuition and align with the healing and sustaining life force of the universe. 

Dr. Don Stout is an amazing healer and medical medium. He has years of experience helping people find their way into deep physical, emotional and mental healing. He will share his Shamanic gifts with us as well as guide us through the drum making workshop. 

This Projector power couple will be guiding you through this magical experience. Jai leading the sacred feminine and Dr. Don supporting with the sacred masculine presence.


$1111 (Includes Drum making workshop)

$888 (Excludes Drum making workshop)

REFUND POLICY: Your ticket is non-refundable and cannot be transferred to another person. 

We cannot wait to see you there!