There are no limitations, unless you create them yourselves. Anything is possible. You are only limited by your own imagination.

Dolores Cannon

Quantum Astral Healing Journey’s have arrived! I remember when I first encountered Dolores Cannon’s work years ago. It was a book called Keepers of the Garden that completely blew my mind. It was this book that catapulted me into the study of Quantum Healing, past life regression, past lives on other planets, starseed families and ultimately astrology starseed readings, and the study of the Akashic Records.

I have always been intrigued by the Akashic Records and now I understand why.

I have since a young age felt different from anyone else in my family, and this has made me feel lonely and removed from the world. I found out in my early twenties that the only way to step into my life purpose was to dive into my fears and face them head on.

The moment I did this, my entire world changed. And the more I surrendered to the change and transformation, the more I shed my skin and emerged as my true self.

After reading Dolores Cannon’s book, The Three Waves of Volunteers, I finally understood why I had always felt different and special in some way. It was because I have chosen to incarnate here on this planet to help in the ascension of humanity. My job as a second wave volunteer, is to be the lighthouse for others to see their own inner light.

Everything I do is an embodied essence of my higher self and now I understand the strong call for sovereignty in my life since a young age.

I know I am strong enough, ready and here to be of service to this beautiful group of spiritual beings having a human experience. And I know that it is by shining my own light, and being centered in my true self that I “do” my “lightwork”.

One of the things I have been passionate about is helping others heal from past life trauma, early childhood trauma, toxic patterns and relationships, self-abuse, relationship abuse and anything else that gets in the way of you living in your mission.

I now know that we chose all of the experiences that we went through in life, and it is in recognizing our sovereignty and free will that we empower ourselves and open the door to healing.

We must choose healing by first choosing to see the truth of how much we have been hurting ourselves. It is the only way. This kind of healing can only happen if you put in the full effort needed to set yourself free, but it is possible and it is magical.

You will be amazed at how easy it is to take a quantum leap forward.

We are, in fact, living in a time where things happen at light speed, changes are constant and we must stay on our toes to keep up. In this kind of world, it is important to not get stuck in the past.

This is where Quantum Astral Healing Journeys come in, when you are ready to take quantum leaps.

This kind of session can open the door, activate your sovereignty, and strengthen your confidence and trust in your higher self. This is exactly what this world needs; sovereign beings that are willing to live heart first, conscious mind forward and focused on the future of humanity.

People ask a lot of questions about what Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy is, so below I have added all the information you may need to help you decide if this type of alternative healing modality is right for you.

If you still have questions about the following information feel free to email me at

What is Quantum Healing?

In this Podcast episode I share my knowledge and experience of Quantum Healing and how it works.

I share some of the amazing things I’ve learned in my training of Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy as well as Beyond Quantum Healing.

I also answer some of the frequently asked questions about hypnosis.

How is the session structured?

  • Talking Therapy
  • Bathroom Break
  • Hypnosis/Regression
  • Questions to your higher self
  • Debrief

Important Information

  • The session takes from 3-5 hours
  • You need to give yourself time afterwards to relax
  • There must be no interruptions (other people in the room, pets, children, etc).
  • You will need wired headphones for the session that are connected to a laptop (preferably) or to a phone or tablet. I have to be able to see you, so whatever you use has to be propped up so I can see you.
  • The session is done through Zoom
  • I record the session and send you the zoom audio link once it is processed
  • Your homework is to listen to the recording as many times as possible
  • You have to write down a list of questions you want to ask your higher self and send it to me before the session
  • Once you book the session, a confirmation and zoom link will be emailed to you
  • There are no cancellations. If you need to reschedule please contact Jai Gobind. But please know that she is booked a month out sometimes, so you may have to wait a while before the session can be re-scheduled.

What people are saying about these sessions…

I recently had the amazing luck to be able to experience a QHHT session with Jai Gobind. Prior to the session, Jai sent a bullet list of items to expect and what she would need from me in advance. She was extremely professional and open to questions. This was my first time experiencing QHHT and I felt extremely comfortable and relaxed with Jai. She was personable and easy to talk to. I felt no judgment in expressing my questions and background with her. My experience under the Quantum Hypnosis was super fascinating and enlightening. Sense of time left me, but I felt safe and did not experience anything I was unable to handle. After the treatment Jai sent an audio recording of the session to review, and I continued to have revelations and epiphany moments as I listened. I definitely recommend Jai to anyone interested in QHHT sessions. It was a life changing experience for me, and I really appreciate what she offers to everyone. 

Courtney Blair

Jai thank you so much for this session. It was informative, raw, deep, uncovering all different layers and aspects. This journey was healing in many ways to my past, present and, future self. If you have any questions about yourself or, your curious try it out. Quantum Astral Journey was the most beautiful eye opening experience I had. 

Andrea Bynoe

I highly recommend Jai for Quantum Astral Healing Journey, I gained so many insights from the session I didn’t expect, it was really beneficial. You are definitely in safe hands with her, she guides you through everything, her voice is so calming and grounding. It was an amazing experience.

Audrey Balog

About Jai Gobind

Jai Gobind is an astrologer, intuitive, songstress, jewelry designer and the creator of Eagle Star Yoga LLC, Eagle Star Jewels and Channel for Grace.

Through her work, Jai Gobind guides us to connect deeply with our heart space, find the courage to trust our intuition and align with the healing and sustaining life force of the universe.

Jai has a Masters degree in Social Sciences from the University of Colorado at Denver and a Bachelors degree in Sociology from the University of California at Lost Angeles.

Jai’s other Certifications and qualifications:

  • QHHT Level 1 and 2
  • Beyond Quantum Healing
  • Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Level 1 and 2
  • Pachakuti Mesa Shamanic Training
  • Boulder College of Massage Therapy
  • Years of experience leading shamanic and native American church ceremonies
  • Beyond The Planets 1 and 2 Starseed astrology courses from High Vibe TV School with Erika Othen
  • The full HighVibe TV Lightworker school with David Lawrence Pamer (The Leo King)
  • Yo Soy Arsayan Seminario Online with Matias De Stefano
  • Ordained Minister of the Universal Life Church
  • Jai has written two books: A Circe of Stars and Stargates An Astrological Calendar of Intergalactic Portals

How much does a session cost?

This powerful session is $500.

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